Gail M. Coash

Today I thought I would spotlight Gail for her continued support and encouragement. She has been my best friend and sister since 1996. She has been a huge help in building my confidence in my abilities. I am very grateful for all of her encouragement she gives me. If it were not for her, I would not be doing Facebook Live videos, bolder looks, and other things out of my comfort zone.

I have learned from her that things don’t have to be perfect or just right to be posted. She’s helping me embrace the real me.

If you too want to get to know Gail, check out her YouTube channel as well as follow her on Facebook and Instagram! You can also follow her here on WordPress as well! If you like to read, you can also get a free clean romance book. You can check that out here!

You are welcome to contact me directly if you wish or comment below your opinions. I want to hear from YOU! I hope you also take time and subscribe to my YouTube channel as well as follow my Facebook page. Gail M. Coash has a blog as well where she posts stuff about her books she is working on! She even has Advanced Readers Copies available for those willing to read her book Secret Desire and give feedback in exchange for receiving the book for FREE! You can see the synopsis of the book here. If you like to read clean romance, I highly recommend you check out her blog, YouTube channel, Facebook page, and directly contacting her.


New Vlog Channel

I have created a new vlog channel. I haven’t gone so far as to create a new blog. I’m probably going to just keep this over here. If I post a vlog video there MIGHT be a post associated with it, but I’m not sure yet how often they will be done. Anything you’d like to see me vlog about? 

The video that’s up now is a video about my suicide attempt a year ago and how I’ve fought my way back. A couple things that hurt and helped as well. The video can be found here