Welcome to BlindBeauty!

I am going to try to address some questions some of you may have about me.  If you have any more you can feel free to ask them via AskFM or you can contact me! You can also see posts I have coming up by visiting my What’s coming up? page.

What is BlindBeauty?

I created BlindBeauty because when I was beginning to do my makeup a few years ago, I did not find many YouTube channels that were fully visually impaired/legally blind friendly.  I really struggled with finding YouTubers that really explained things to where I could recreate looks.  It took me a long time to gain a lot of confidence in my makeup ability and not look crazy or too dramatic.  That is where the idea came from for this channel.  It has been a dream of mine for a while now.

I am not an expert by any means.  I do not have any professional training.  I am not an expert at any of the things I show.  I mainly share my experience and opinions with you.  I am not a doctor or other licensed professional so anything you do is at your own risk.  I do not claim to know everything about makeup, hair, or beauty.  I am human and do make mistakes.

You may see a variety of things throughout the BlindBeauty Social Media circle.  Different things may be shared in different places which do go hand in hand with each other.  So I invite you to follow me on all my accounts!  You may see Makeup of the day, Reviews, DIYs, Get Ready With Me’s, Makeup looks, Makeup tutorials, Hacks, and so much more!  I am open to ideas as well if there is something you would like to see!

Who am I?

I’m Jennifer and I am from Arkansas.  You may have guessed the year I was born was 83 if you have been to my contact me page.  I am single, never married.  I do not have any children, but my dogs are basically my kids.  I love to sing, Write poetry, chat with friends watch YouTube, and more!  I am also a Christian.  That does not mean I think I am better than anyone else or that I will push my religion on anyone.  Everyone has a right to be who they are!

Want to know more?

Contact me!

Many of my photos I use will have been edited by my best friend and sister at GMC Photo Editing.  I hope that you will check out her Facebook page and if there are some photos you would like edited for free, send them her way!