February Favorite Social influencers

Hey y’all. I thought I’d list some of my favorite people, pages, or whatever that I follow. There aren’t a lot but thought I’d still list the main ones here for February! Hit like to let me know you want to see this each month. I already did my favorite beauty products and personal favorites videos. So hope you check them out and subscribe to my channels!

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Allure Beauty Box February 2018

Today I did an unboxing of the Allure Beauty Box! I also did some first impressions as well! Hope you check it out!!!

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Great things coming

I’m BAAAAAACK! I’m planning on doing more blog posts for in depth reviews of things like ice a time period possibly. Could even be quick updates here and there as well. What do you want to see reviews of? You can check out my channel to get some ideas. Thinking Wet n Wild pallets, done AOA Studio stuff, and I’m not sure what else. Let me know what you want to see here. I’ll try to post somewhat regularly here. You can also contact me using the link Contact me!

I try to also post a vlog on my new Vlog channel once a week as well updating on my personal life and what I am thinking for the blog. So check out that channel and subscribe if you want to stay updated. The channel is BlindBeauty83 Vlog. If you haven’t already I’d also appreciate you subscribing to my beauty channel Blind Beauty.

Huge supporter of Blind Beauty

New Author YouTube channel

— Read on gmcoash.wordpress.com/2018/01/28/new-author-youtube-channel/

Gail is my best friend and sister. She’s a very talented author looking for readers of her book Secret Desire. It’s a good clean romance. She’ll send you a copy free in exchange for your thoughts on the book. Hope you check out her channel and get to know her. You’ll love her passion for reading if you like to read. She’s awesome at doing videos so check her out! Tell her Jen sent you!!!