Great things coming

I’m BAAAAAACK! I’m planning on doing more blog posts for in depth reviews of things like ice a time period possibly. Could even be quick updates here and there as well. What do you want to see reviews of? You can check out my channel to get some ideas. Thinking Wet n Wild pallets, done AOA Studio stuff, and I’m not sure what else. Let me know what you want to see here. I’ll try to post somewhat regularly here. You can also contact me using the link Contact me!

I try to also post a vlog on my new Vlog channel once a week as well updating on my personal life and what I am thinking for the blog. So check out that channel and subscribe if you want to stay updated. The channel is BlindBeauty83 Vlog. If you haven’t already I’d also appreciate you subscribing to my beauty channel Blind Beauty.


End of a dream

Coming next week hopefully by Friday there will be the final videos from my channel. I have had some financial difficulties as well as things getting even tighter for me. Until my financial situation changes there will not be any more videos produced after 2017 Superstars videos.

My mental health has declined since October as well. That makes the financial difficulties that much harder as my channel was my sole reason to get up, shower, do my hair, put on makeup, get dressed, and try to be upbeat. I do not have real support except one person that tries when possible. I am completely alone. It is a cold world.

If or when I’m able to afford to do videos and provide basics for myself I will be back but I do not see that happening. I have attempted to find a job near me however no luck. I cannot even afford to buy decent food for myself most of the time. Sometimes I choose between necessities as well. So I have to give up on my dream and the only purpose I had.

Please continue to try to make beauty accessible. Best wishes. If you have questions you can contact me if you wish. Donations can be made through PayPal as well.

Hiatus somewhat over

I recently took a hiatus from doing videos due to a death in my family. I’m back somewhat now doing videos now. Newest video is now up on my channel with somewhat more detail about why it took so long. Two losses in one month is a lot. There will be a new cover and logo coming soon. Hope you check out my wicked witch Tutorial on YouTube

Project Empties Update 2

Today I did an update for my project empties video. 

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Weekly Roundup and Changes

So there’s a lot going on with Blind Beauty. Read more to find out about theme days and the recent videos.

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Fake Being Awake – Back to School Series

So today I uploaded a video I filmed last week. It’s a GRWM style video showing how to fake being awake. I’m going to elaborate on those here as well as give you some more pointers. I’ve gathered these tips from various places. I’ll have links below to some of the articles and videos that helped me to think of tips.

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Project Empties Update

So about a month ago I did a project empties video. You can see that by clicking here. Today I’m uploading my updated list!

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