Blog ideas – #ThursdayThoughts

I’m curious how many of y’all that are interested in beauty or wanting to get into beauty would be interested in some of these ideas?

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Hiatus somewhat over

I recently took a hiatus from doing videos due to a death in my family. I’m back somewhat now doing videos now. Newest video is now up on my channel with somewhat more detail about why it took so long. Two losses in one month is a lot. There will be a new cover and logo coming soon. Hope you check out my wicked witch Tutorial on YouTube

Project Empties Update 2

Today I did an update for my project empties video. 

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Weekly Roundup and Changes

So there’s a lot going on with Blind Beauty. Read more to find out about theme days and the recent videos.

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Fake Being Awake – Back to School Series

So today I uploaded a video I filmed last week. It’s a GRWM style video showing how to fake being awake. I’m going to elaborate on those here as well as give you some more pointers. I’ve gathered these tips from various places. I’ll have links below to some of the articles and videos that helped me to think of tips.

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Project Empties Update

So about a month ago I did a project empties video. You can see that by clicking here. Today I’m uploading my updated list!

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Maybelline City Mini Palette Review


Recently I purchased a Maybelline City Mini palette off of Amazon.  I’ll make sure to leave links down below.  I am also going to share a list of all products used for the look.  This is somewhat going to be in depth as I tried this palette out a few times before I posted this review.


I recently did a video on this palette and you can find it here.  I also did a foundation routine that you can find the link in the description of that video (once it is up). So these are the products that I used for the look in this video. Keep in mind the prices might be cheaper elsewhere.

Next,  I will put up a few images of what this palette looks like and swatches as well.  I know that is personally one thing I would like to see.  I will try to get them as close to true color as I can with the images, however due to camera and monitor differences on both of our ends they may be slightly different.  You can see this actually being applied on the eyes by visiting my YouTube video.

From Left to right is no primer, with primer, and finally on a white base.  You can watch the video here to see the actual palette in action.

Now, lets go into the actual review.  I got this product as expected on time.  I was very please that Amazon had this palate before it hits drugstores.  I go into detail about how it feels in my review. It honestly felt very nice and went on smoothly as well.  From a distance the peachy/corally color did not seem pigmented though.  When I went to do the editing I noticed it was very pigmented and very sparkly (which I noticed even in swatching). So if you don’t like actual glitter I cannot recommend this palette.  It is not an actual sheen but little flecks of glitter.

The staying power was not impressive on this palette.  It seems to fade away faster than other palettes I have used.  I also noted in the review that it can blend away so be aware of that.  I tried it on many different bases as well and honestly they did not help it stay much more than bare eye.  The bases did help it be more pigmented in some cases, but the staying power did not improve.  Adding a setting spray did help some with staying power though.  If I dip my brush in the shadow then spritz it with a spray it made it more pigmented as well.  There was not as much glittery fallout either with that method so I can recommend that as an option if you buy it.

Those with oily eye lids probably won’t find this palette as the best because of it wearing away as fast as it seemed to on me.  I normally do not have a problem with shadows fading away as fast as this did.  It seemed that within two hours of application it was already fading.  So be aware of that.

I cannot honestly say that I recommend this palette to anyone.  I am not sure what Emily Noel, or Tati Westbrook will say about it.  Maybe they will try them out as well.  If I notice they do I will link their videos here as well.