Makeup Reviews

I’ve done serveral different makeup reviews that I’ll share the videos to. Let me know if you want something reviewed. If I can afford the product I will try to get it and do a review on it. I mainly do drugstore reviews but sometimes do reviews on my boxycharm stuff too!

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EmilyNoel83. – #FeatureFriday

Today I thought I would feature Beauty Broadcast star EmilyNoel83 here on my blog. I’ll explain why her channel is one I love and some of my favorite videos. Continue reading “EmilyNoel83. – #FeatureFriday”

Blog ideas – #ThursdayThoughts

I’m curious how many of y’all that are interested in beauty or wanting to get into beauty would be interested in some of these ideas?

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Update and ideas!

So I’ve had a LOT of ideas coming to me this past week. So I think I’ll share some things in the works and update y’all on what’s been going with Blind Beauty. Hope you follow me so you can join in on the fun and comment your thoughts/requests!

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Blind Beauty Challenge

Hey everyone so recently I challenged myself to do a full face of makeup including choosing it without any vision. I thought I’d share some thoughts on it with you today. Now I was inspired to do this by the no mirror makeup challenge and a video by Rachhloves where she picked her makeup without vision. So hope you check out my video and TRY THE CHALLENGE!

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February Favorite Social influencers

Hey y’all. I thought I’d list some of my favorite people, pages, or whatever that I follow. There aren’t a lot but thought I’d still list the main ones here for February! Hit like to let me know you want to see this each month. I already did my favorite beauty products and personal favorites videos. So hope you check them out and subscribe to my channels!

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Allure Beauty Box February 2018

Today I did an unboxing of the Allure Beauty Box! I also did some first impressions as well! Hope you check it out!!!

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