Update and ideas!

So I’ve had a LOT of ideas coming to me this past week. So I think I’ll share some things in the works and update y’all on what’s been going with Blind Beauty. Hope you follow me so you can join in on the fun and comment your thoughts/requests!



First of all I’ve been posting a lot lately on my channel. I don’t have a set schedule as honestly I’m not doing so well personally so things aren’t daily for me right now. You can see more by visiting my vlog channel. Most recent videos are!


I also recently started a makeup play time live broadcast on Facebook every Thursday at 11 AM CST which is 9 PST 10 MST 12 PM EST or 5 PM GMT. You can join in by following my Facebook page Blind Beauty!


I have also been live tweeting during Law and Order SVU on Twitter so love to chat with you during that. All you’ve got to do is follow me on Twitter and turn on notifications. I don’t tweet often so you won’t be bombarded with lots of tweets.


Plus I do Snapchat from time to time as well! I’m @BlindBeauty83 on there so hope you join me. I’ve included my snap code to make it easier to find me!



I’m doing live makeup Playtime each week. This coming week I’m going to be focusing on the eyes more than anything. Not sure which palette I’m going to use yet. Which one would you like to see? I’ll link to each so you can see them to decide if want to.


I’m thinking about live tweeting during other shows as well if people would like during other shows. I watch NCIS, Criminal Minds, Greys Anatomy, and Walking Dead. So let me know by commenting if you want me to do that for any of those shows!


I’ve got so many specific ideas that is hard to choose which to do first honestly. I’ll list a few samples here.

  1. DIY brush holder
  2. Spring Minimal makeup
  3. Full face nothing over… $10 $5 $3 $1
  4. Project empties
  5. Spring/Summer makeup kit must haves
  6. How to choose/coordinate makeup for skin, eyes, and clothes
  7. Full face one palette challenge
  8. Full palette eye challenge
  9. YouTube made me buy it tag.
  10. No brush makeup challenge

Which ideas sound good? I’ve got a lot more than that but these were my top picks. I would love to know your opinions. I have my best friend and sister Gail M. Coash help me pick ideas some too! She’s amazing at writing so if you like to read check out her recent synopsis of her book Secret Desire and get your FREE copy by contacting her!

I hope you subscribe to my channel! You can also contact me on Facebook, Snapchat @BlindBeauty83, Twitter, Instagram, or by email.


Author: blindbeauty83

I am a legally blind beauty Youtuber striving to Guelph make beauty accessible

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