Conceal and Correct – Beginner Beauty Series

So today is a post where I’m continuing my Beginner Beauty Series! You can see the series here. The video that I just uploaded is here. I hope you check it out! I thought I’d add a few more tips and tricks as well. I’ll try to explain some different types and what they are used for as well as share a couple other videos as well to give you more information.

Products shown

Nyx Dark Circle Concealer $4.49

AOA Wonder Cover corrector in Orange, peach, lavender, green, and yellow $1 each

Madeline Fit me concealer $5.48 to $6.25

 Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Concealer, Brightener $7.99

Maybelline Master Conceal light $8.52

Elf Studio under eye concealer and highlight in glow medium $3

Elf HD powder $6


I showed many colors in the video, but that may be confusing as to what is for what and who so I’ll break it down again here as well as give more detail. 

  • Green – cancels out redness. This might be due to acne, malasma, sunburn, or rosecea. That’s just some of the things that might be red or pinky toned. 
  • Purple – brighten the skin as well as helps cancels yellow tones or light brown tones. 
  • Pink – brightens the skin and can cancel lighter blue tones.
  • Peach and orange – combats blue tones as well. 
  • Yellow – can brighten the skin as well as cancel purple tones.

Think of a color wheel. Colors opposite each other help correct the problem. You can tell that from the list above. 


Different types of concealer are better for different things. Everyone is different and prefers different things though. Some people may only use one kind. I’ll share what different areas I use different kinds of concealer on with product suggestions/examples.

  • Under eye area – Due to this being a more problematic area for me I tend to go with higher coverage than I might other times. Especially if my bags are extra dark. I use a peach toned corrector like Nyx Dark Circle concealer (bad darkness)) or Maybelline Instant Age Rewind in brightener (medium darkness). If I don’t have darkness or use the Nyx I’ll use a medium or honey tone Instant Age Rewind as well. 
  • All over concealer – I tend to use Maybelline Fit Me concealer for a medium coverage. If I want or need heavier coverage I’ll use Maybelline Master Conceal tube concealer. I’ve also used LA Girl Pro concealer in the past as well which was similar to me. 
  • Brighten or highlight – This can be done with any concealer honestly that’s a shade or two lighter than my skin. I even use some that I own that don’t have as good of coverage. 


I find that there are so many different ways and opinions on concealing. I’m going to give some tips that I’ve found help me due to my vision impairment or in general. 

  • If unsure if it will match use it under foundation. That may cause me to use more, but it will be more even when I add foundation.
  • Use the fingers as a guide. 
  • Blend but don’t blend away everything. Focus more on the edges as long as it matches pretty well. 
  • If can see some take a photo to be able to examine closer. 
  • Ask someone else to look at makeup if possible. The photo makes that easier too.

Other Resources

I’ve done a lot of research on the last few years about this. I’m going to share two videos by people I look to for information about beauty. I also include my Pinterest.

  • EmilyNoel83 video – She talk through different concealer options. She’s an overall authority for me. Anything I want to know then I’ll go to her videos early on 
  • Tati video – She discusses color correction in a easily understandable way. Another huge influencer and teacher for me.
  • My Pinterest – where I have boards related to color correction and concealer. 

What are some of your tips for concealing? What questions do you have about it that I wasn’t clear on or didn’t address?


Author: blindbeauty83

I am a legally blind beauty Youtuber striving to Guelph make beauty accessible

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