Fake Being Awake – Back to School Series

So today I uploaded a video I filmed last week. It’s a GRWM style video showing how to fake being awake. I’m going to elaborate on those here as well as give you some more pointers. I’ve gathered these tips from various places. I’ll have links below to some of the articles and videos that helped me to think of tips.

 You can see the video here.

Products used

  • Equate all day moisture sensitive skin
  • Freeze 247 anti aging under eye serum
  • Maybelline dream wonder fluid touch foundation in sun beige
  • Real techniques miracle complexion sponge
  • CoverGirl Depuffer in medium
  • Elf HAD powder in sheet
  • Elf small tapered brush
  • Elf aqua molten liquid eyeshadow in Rose Gold
  • Clear Eyes Cool Comfort drops
  • Mary Kay flat shading brush
  • CoverGirl TruNaked palette in Nude 3 and 4 shades
  • Real techniques crease brush
  • Maybelline baby lips glow
  • Elf blush and bronzer in St. Lucia
  • Elf bronzer brush
  • Elf lash curler
  • Wet n wild Mega Wear
  • Rimmel ScandalEyes retractable liner in Nude
  • Maybelline brow precise 
  • Wet n wild lipstick Silk Finish Fuschia
  • Suave Sea Salt spray

Before makeup

Here are a few tips for when you need to be fresh whether wearing makeup or not honestly. 

  • Caffeine – Caffeine can be a huge help to me. I make my coffee a little stronger than normal even to help with the lack of sleep. 
  • Cold shower – A cold shower helps get the blood really flowing through the body and in my opinion helps bring me energy. If a shower isn’t possible then washing your face and rinse with cold water. 
  • Wash face – Cleaner The face with a wash that helps wake you up. I prefer the Clean and Clear Morning Burst myself. Then rinse clean with cold water which also helps close the pores.
  • Moisturize – I tend to use a thicker moisturizer when I haven’t slept because the skin can be lacking moisture. Glamour magazine suggests using one with SPF that will help brighten the skin. I used an equate version of Okay with SPF in the video. Refinery29 recommend using a caffeinated moisturizer which could help. I haven’t tried one yet as haven’t found a cheap one at the drugstore. Any suggestions?
  • Hydrate – Beauty and Tips magazine suggests drinking a glass of water to help add hydration. If you don’t like coffee definitely have some water or herbal tea to rehydrate. Drinking some water after coffee or tea doesn’t hurt either. 
  • De-puff the under eye area – You can do this by using something cold under them like tea bags or spoons from the freezer. I’ve done this before. The tea bags seem to help me more than cold spoons. Tea bags need to be used and rung out. Then put in freezer for half hour. Can do less or skip the freezer if they are really fresh ones. 
  • Use Eye drops – Lifehacker recommends this this to help with redness. I prefer a cooling drop. 
  • Face or eye mask – Some days I’m in a hurry I don’t want to take time to freeze tea bags or spoons so I’ll do an eye mask under the eye. You can even find those at the Dollar Tree store. I can do that even while drinking my coffee. Works great. Do y’all want to see a review of the Dollar Tree eye mask and/or face masks. Face masks are good too if they are a hydrating one. The paper masks work great but add to the time to get ready. Cosmopolitan magazine recommends masks as well. 


Some of these tips you may see in my video. 

  • Illuminating primer – Using a illuminating primer can be helpful for those that want to add even more moisture, but for me all the other steps I did gave me enough of a glow. If using a matte foundation an illuminating primer might help to not look as flat. However for oily skin I don’t recommend it.
  • Light foundation – When I haven’t slept a full coverage foundation sometimes ages me more. Especially if I didn’t do as many of the steps above as I should. So that’s where a light weight foundation, BB Cream, or tinted moisturizer can help. 
  • Color correct and conceal – Especially when going for a fuller coverage look color correction can help. It’s best to experiment to see what works better on your skin tone as to what you like. Usually peach or orange tones can cancel that darkness under the eyes, but yellow can work too. Then if needed or instead use a concealer. For me in the video my circles weren’t too unbearable and I was going for a more natural look so I just concealed using a decent concealer.
  • Highlight – Highlighting helps to bring brightness to the face and features you want to bring forward or catch the light more. I mainly used 
  • Bright eyes – One thing to remember is darker colors on the eyes can make a person look more tired. It does me. So using a white, champagne, gold, or other lighter color can help according to some videos and  Makeup and Beauty Blog.
  • Liner – Using a nude liner in the lower water line helps the whites appear more white and doesn’t look too weird. Stark white is too fake for me but some love it. You can add a thin brown or charcoal liner on the top lash line but not upper water line. Black tends to close off the eyes more so I steer clear of black on days I didn’t sleep. 
  • Mascara – Curling the lashes is a must here as it helps them pen up the eyes more. Then apply a layer or two of mascara. Don’t want too much though because it can weigh down the lashes or makes them look clumpy. If it doesn’t or you have a good one that doesn’t then go for it. I prefer more natural lashes. 
  • Blush and bronzer – This step adds a little color back to the face.  You can add both or just one. I prefer blush as I’m still getting used to bronzer. But both can add life to the face. 
  • Lips – There’s mixed reviews about whether to go nude or bold. Me I prefer bolder colors because it distracts from my eyes, but a nude can work. 

Staying awake

There’s many ways to stay awake I’m sure, but I’m going to share some things that help me. 

  • Keep blood sugar up – I’m not saying sky high, but it’s important to eat to help keep the blood sugar up. When I eat breakfast followed by a small snack or lunch later that helps. This may sound obvious, but not everyone thinks of it.
  • Stay looking fresh – Carry a travel size bottle with a hydrating mist like Loreal Hydrafresh Toner, Elf mist and set, or other setting spray. It also helps to use the eye drops periodically as well. 
  • Stay hydrated – For me I do hydration and caffeine both. I drink coffee until about 4. No later than that usually as it can affect my sleep. But drinking water is best. Sodas can be dehydrating I have heard partly because of the sodium in them. 
  • Energy boost – Caffeine can be an energy boost, but snacks like fruit or nuts or seeds an energy for me as well. 
  • Exercise – I’m not saying a huge work out, but a brisk walk can help get the blood flowing. 
  • Get some sun – Getting out in daylight can help boost energy. I find it great to take a walk outside. That helps me. 
  • Stay busy – The more busy I am the less tired I am. However I switch it up and do not stay on the same task all the time as that can add to the sleepiness.

Other Resources

Here are a few other resources you may find helpful. Some links are above as well. 

What are some of your tips for looking more awake? Anything you would add? What are your go to products? 


Author: blindbeauty83

I am a legally blind beauty Youtuber striving to Guelph make beauty accessible

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