Where I shop online

I thought today I’d share some of my favorite sites to price and but makeup. They are in order of how often so you know where I find the best deals most. I’ll also tell you sooner good and bad about each one as well!

So here’s the main list. I’ll share a few other options as well though so you can really go crazy browsing if you want to!

This site has great deals! I have to say watch the price though because some things may be cheaper somewhere else. Amazon does have coupons though that I can’t use at my next favorite. They also have brands that aren’t easy to find in my next favorite as well. I recommend having prime as you’ll get free two day shipping!

    Great for lower prices and can get free shipping on $35 or more. They have many good brands, but they don’t always have the newest stuff online. 

    This is the hardware store of beauty in my book. They have everything from drugstore to high end. You can get awesome deals and earn points. I go there to see what they have new. They are usually more expensive than WalMart yet less expensive on brand new items than Amazon. I honestly don’t buy much from them because they are fairly expensive on brand they do carry. I window shop mostly.

    This is a good site for budget friendly makeup that is awesome. It’s budget friendly yet in my eyes it’s a higher end of it. It’s up there in price unless looking for just one shadow. Their shadows are $1.99 each but they aren’t as good as their revealed palette shadows in my book. I love my revealed 1 palette. I hope to get a couple more of those as time goes on, but they are $20 each. Amazon also sells Coastal Scents.

    This is another site kinda like the one above. They do have good sales though. I absolutely love their sculpt and glow palette! It’s AMAZING. I keep check when I’m able to buy something for my channel. 

    I like elf. A few years ago it would’ve been my number one. However they keep raising prices on their launches and it’s getting as expensive as other big brands like L’Oreal almost. They are about on par with Maybelline and CoverGirl now. They used to be cheaper. The products I use are the cheaper ones usually. I do own some newer stuff, but they are getting too expensive for me. They have sales periodically which are great is why I check them out regularly if I have the money to invest in my channel. 

    This site is kind of a mixture of the next one and Walmart/Walgreens. They have inexpensive products that you can earn points on some items. I’ve bought from them in the past and eventually will be getting some City Color or LA Girl makeup from them. They are really nice. Just wish they did points a different way.

    I love this site. I don’t usually have money to experiment a lot, but if I have $20 I can easily get 15 items. It’s basically a beauty dollar store. I have some of their AOA wonder correctors that I’ll be showing soon in a video. They also have lashes, beauty tools, masks, makeup, accessories, and jewelry! 

    This site isn’t all a dollar like the other, but it’s more of a combination of iKateHouse and ShopMissA. I haven’t placed an order with them yet though as I just recently found out about them. 

    I like browsing wish. There are some nice things and knock off things. They are cheap though. Shipping takes FOREVER as they ship from China or somewhere overseas. I highly recommend looking into them. Their customer service is great too. I used to have the knock off of Naked 1, 2, and 3. For all three I think I paid 30. I don’t have them since they were stolen. 

    Other sites I don’t shop at because they are too expensive or the site is always messed up are Target and Walgreens.

    I don’t buy many new things each month as I don’t have the money available. I do accept donations and the link is through PayPal. You can contact me with any questions or comments. 

    Where are your favorite places to shop online? 


    Author: blindbeauty83

    I am a legally blind beauty Youtuber striving to Guelph make beauty accessible

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